domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013


"C'est la vie" is a song by Algerian raï singer Khaled. It was produced by Moroccan-Swedish producer RedOne and released on Universal Music Division AZ becoming a summer hit for Khaled in France for 2012. The song is bilingual, with the main text in Algerian Arabic and the refrain in French. The catchy dance song repeats the phrase. The song is being considered a comeback for Khaled in France after three years of no successful releases. The comeback is also thanks to the catchy RedOne arrangement. RedOne has a shout out of his name at the beginning of the song. Released in July 2012, the song entered the official French Singles Chart at number 30 and later peaked at number 4. In addition to France, the song has become very popular throughout Belgium and Slovakia where it has reached the top 10. The song has also charted in the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland. It has also received radio airplay in French speaking Canada. specifically Quebec.

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