domingo, 6 de enero de 2013


Frankie Goes To Hollywood realesed a third single, "The Power of Love," at the end of 1984. Unlike the earlier singles, this song was a slower-paced ballad, but it also went to Number One in December and making the band the first act for two decades (since Gerry & the Pacemakers, a fellow Liverpool band, in 1963) to achieve chart-toppers with its first three releases. The video was not banned on this occasion but still caused trouble for the group — because it depicted a nativity scene (and on its first showing did not feature any members of the band, who were subsequently added as picture framing), it was incorrectly grouped in the category of Christmas-only records. As a result, to this day radio stations seem to give it airplay only during the festive period. The song's release was preceded by an advertising campaign that, cheekily, declared it to be the band's third number one single, as if this was a fait accompli. The Band Aid project, for which Johnson recorded a message for the B-side, meant that Frankie Goes To Hollywood managed only one week at the top this time before it was replaced by "Do They Know It's Christmas?."

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