miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012


"Bright Eyes" is a song written by Mike Batt, and performed by Art Garfunkel. It was used in the soundtrack of the 1978 film Watership Down and as such is considered the theme song of the film and the later television series adaptations. The track also appears on Garfunkel's fourth studio album, Fate for Breakfast from 1979. It was the biggest selling single of 1979 in the UK.

Written by Mike Batt for the film at the request of director Martin Rosen, the song relates to the transition into death highlighted by Hazel's close shave when he is shot by a farmer, and then years later when Hazel (then Hazel-rah) finally departs his body and enters the world of spirit. It may also be viewed in reference to the disease the rabbits refer to as "White Blindness" - actually Myxomatosis.

The song was immensely successful in the United Kingdom, staying at number one in the British charts for six weeks in 1979, selling over one million copies, becoming the biggest selling single of that year in the UK. However, it did poorly in the United States, failing to reach the Billboard Hot 100.

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