lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011


"Disco Romancing" is a song by Romanian artist Elena Gheorghe. It is her sixth single to be released and the first since her Eurovision Song Contest entry, in 2009. With "Disco Romancing", Gheorghe tries a new musical style, house, a very successful musical style in Romania, and, because of Romanian artists such as Inna and Edward Maya, worldwide. The song was written by Laurenţiu Duţă (ex- 3 Sud Est) and Ovidiu Bistriceanu, and was produced by Duţă.They have also wrote and produced "The Balkan Girls" for Elena. The song leaked on the Internet in mid-April 2010 and was confirmed as Elena's future single in early May. The music video was filmed in May 2010 and the main set was the A2 motorway, on the way to the Black Sea. The director of the video is Dragoş Buliga. "Disco Romancing" debuted at number 74 in the Romanian Top 100 and later became Gheorghe's second number one in the chart. With this feat, she became the first Romanian female artist to top the chart twice. It has also charted in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Hungary.

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