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Released in 1982 by the Spanish post punk group Paralisis Permanente, active 1981 - 1983. They started as a project by Eduardo Benavente and Nacho Canut, parallel from Alaska Y Los Pegamoides, trying more risky and sinister sounds.

Nacho would leave the band to center in "Alaska" and Ana Curra would move from "Alaska" to "Parálisis Permanente" to record their first and only album, "El Acto" (1983): Eduardo died in a car accident in May, 1983 returning from a gig, and the band would split up.

Eduardo Benavente - Guitar, Vocals
Rafa Balmaseda - Bass
Ana Curra - Keyboards, Vocals
Toti Arbolés - Drums
Fernando - Guitar

Ex Members:
Javier Benavente - Vocals
Jaime Urrutia - Guitar
Ignacio (Nacho) Canut - Bass
Johnny Canut - Drums

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