jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010


"Club Can't Handle Me" is a song by American rapper Flo Rida featuring French disc jockey David Guetta. It was released as a digital download on iTunes on June 28, 2010as the lead single of the Step Up 3D soundtrack album and is also planned to be included on Flo Rida's third studio album, The Only One. The song topped the charts in Ireland and the United Kingdom, and became a top five hit in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Belgium (Flanders), The Netherlands and Finland.

The music video for "Club Can't Handle Me" was directed by Marc Klasfeld and filmed in Los Angeles.It premiered E! channel's "Daily 10" segment on 16 July. On the same day, it was also uploaded on Flo Rida's official YouTube account. The video is taking place during an "opulent, extravagant club party", where Flo Rida raps in front of a crowd, while David Guetta is a DJ. It also features scenes taken from the Step Up 3D film. Flo Rida said of the video: "If you've ever dreamed about having the biggest party of your life, "Club Can't Handle Me" definitely represents that. Lotta energy. Lot of diamonds, ice sculptures. Just showing that boss vibe."

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