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Amanda Lear performed the French "Paroles Paroles" with Titof on TV channel M6. This version was included on her 2005 compilation Paris by Night - Greatest Hits.

"Parole parole" is a duet song by Gianni Ferrio, Leo Chiosso and Giancarlo Del Re. The song was originally performed by Mina and Alberto Lupo.

The lyrics were written by Leo Chiosso and Giancarlo Del Re, the authors of the Italian Teatro 10 series of TV variety nights.
The music and the score were by Gianni Ferrio, the conductor of the "Teatro 10" orchestra.
In Spring 1972, the song was the closing number of all eight of the "Teatro 10" Saturday nights.
The song is an easy listening dialogue of Mina's singing with Alberto Lupo's declamation.
The song's theme are hollow words. It intertwines the female singer's lamentation of the end of love and the lies she has to hear, while the male actor simply speaks. She reacts and scoffs at the compliments that he gives her, calling them simply empty words - parole. T
he single was released in April 1972 under PDU, Mina's independent record label to become a top hit of Italian charts.
The song was also published as one of the standout tracks of Mina's Cinquemilaquarantatrè album and included in the I'm Not Scared movie soundtrack.

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