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"Amazing" is an electro-house song by Romanian recording artist Inna, from her debut album entitled Hot.
It was physically released in Eastern Europe only. The song debuted on Radio 21 FM in August 6, 2009, and it was released in October 2009.
The music video was shot in Portugal and shows Inna with a lifeguard. The song brought Inna's first number one in Romania and will be released as the second single in the UK on July 19, 2010.

"Amazing" was written by Play&Win in early 2009 for Anca Badiu, a Romanian singer, but because they thought Inna should do better with the song they put Inna to record the song.
After the premiere of Inna's version Anca Badiu complained that "Play and Win have stollen her track!". After months of arguing, Badiu ended the fight and quit Roton Records.

The music video to Amazing was shot in Portugal on the coast line of Sintra at the end of August 2009, and it was directed by Tom Boxer and it had a special appearance of the surf school "Portugal Surf Academia".
On August 22, the video was ready and it premiered on Inna's official website in September. On September 15, the Romanian TV channels started to broadcast the video. In May 2010, the video was edited and shortened to suit the UK Radio Edit of the song. The new edit is available on YouTube and is also making circulation on British music television channels.
"Amazing" reached number one in Romanian Top 100 on October 18, 2009, being Inna's first number one in Romania.[5] It also reached the top 10 in Russia.

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