domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010


Would you be surprised to hear that pop-trio Silent Circle already exists since 1976?!? Yes, it was 22 years ago when keyboardist and composer Axel B. and vocalist Jo Jo Tyson won the first prize at newcomers festival (I wonder if it is still possible to get those records somehow?) But though their first experience was so promising, their ways divorced and Axel B. with drummer CC Behrens stopped their performances. Then all three of them lost each other from their sight. In their mid 20s they met again and decided it's time for their common band to rise from the ashes. Silent Circle were born. Their first single "Hide away - Man is comin'!" impressed the watchers of "Show & Co. mit Carlo". It was followed by the whole bunch of yet more successful hits: "Touch in the Night" (presented at popular TV show "Formel Eins"), "Stop the Rain in the Night", "Love is just a Word" and "Time for Love"! Meanwhile the whole album "No.1" was released under Blow Up label of Intercord company which included eleven songs. Six people contributed to their composition, and the album came out perfect - no one song was like any other, still they all had that specific mood which distinguished Silent Circle from all other bands of 80ies.

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