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Alain Chamfort - real name Alain le Govic - was born in Paris on 2 March 1949. He grew up in the Paris suburbs, living with his father (a company director), his mother (a local shopkeeper) and his elder sister. Alain was surrounded by music at home and the talented youngster soon revealed himself to be something of a child prodigy, excelling at piano and dance lessons at the tender age of three. The gifted youngster would soon go on to take part in classical music contests, winning several prizes with the greatest of ease. Then when Alain was nearing his 13th birthday his father installed a small organ in the family home. Alain certainly appeared to be predestined for a career as a classical musician, but in his teenage years Alain's musical tastes changed dramatically and, instead of enrolling at the National Conservatoire, the young music fan began to develop a strong interest in jazz, rock and rhythm'n'blues (the new musical trends which were beginning to overtake the French music scene in the early 60's).

In 1979 Alain Chamfort released his new album "Poses", featured three new tracks by Gainsbourg including the moving "Manureva" (a tribute to French solo yachtsman Alain Colas who had perished at sea the previous year). "Manureva" went on to be a major hit on the French music scene, rocketing to the top of the charts and selling over 1 million copies. The album "Poses" proved to be a major turning-point in Chamfort's career and "Manureva" was just the first of a whole string of hits which dominated the French charts in the 80's.

Thanks to the success of "Poses" and "Manureva", Chamfort began to carve out a real niche for himself on the French music scene, forging an authentic style which was greatly appreciated by critics and public alike.

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