miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010


"If I Can't Have You" is a song written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees.
"If I Can't Have You" was intended to be included in the follow-up album to Children of the World (1976), but was given to Yvonne Elliman when the Bee Gees became involved in the production of the movie Saturday Night Fever (1977) whose soundtrack featured the song. The original intent was that the Bee Gees contribute "How Deep is Your Love" for Elliman to sing in Saturday Night Fever but ultimately the Bee Gees recorded that song themselves while Elliman recorded "If I Can't Have You". Elliman's version became an international smash hit, and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and #4 in the UK. The Bee Gees' version was released as the B-side to the single "Stayin' Alive" in 1978 and also appeared in the 2001 compilation Bee Gees Their Greatest Hits: The Record.

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