sábado, 16 de enero de 2010


"Take This Waltz" is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, originally released as part of his 1988 studio album I'm Your Man.

The song's lyrics are an English language version of the Spanish poem Pequeño vals vienés by Federico García Lorca, which was first published in his Poeta en Nueva York.

Zorán Sztevanovity covered the song in 1991 with Cohen's original music but with different lyrics in Hungarian language written by his brother Dusán. The title of the song is "Volt egy tánc" ("There was a dance").

Enrique Morente and Lagartija Nick covered the song in 1996 with Cohen's music and the original Spanish text as lyrics in the album Omega. Two years later, Spanish singer Ana Belén covered the song again for her album Lorquiana.

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