domingo, 10 de enero de 2010


The single Sarà perché ti amo became such a hit in Europe that a crossover version for Latin American countries was recorded with Spanish lyrics. The song, now titled Será porque te amo, also became a huge hit in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Many groups started covering the song adapting it to different genres, including tropical, dance, and various forms of Mexican folk music known as Grupera. The Latin boy band project Menudo (featuring Ricky Martin) and the Italo-Dance band Eu4ya also covered the song, but the lyrics were heavily altered: only the chorus line was kept in one verse and the rest was rearranged to make the song more appealing to teenagers.

As of 2007 the song is still being covered in all genres and it has achieved somewhat of a cult/nostalgia status in several Spanish-speaking countries as a symbol of a generation. The song was remade in 2008 by Diana Sorbello as Das ist, weil ich dich liebe.

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