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"High" is the second pop single written by British duo Lighthouse Family for their second album Postcards from Heaven (1997). The song was produced by Mike Peden. It was released in January 1998 and reached #1 in Australia as well as being in the top 10 in Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Europe.

"High" is the most successful single released by the Lighthouse Family so far, having reached the top 10 in various countries.

Three different versions exist, the original album version, the 7" edit of the Full Version, which adds some new instrumentation and a slightly quicker tempo. The Full Version appears on their Greatest Hits album.

The video clip is in black and white, except when Tunde Baiyewu begins to sing. There are scenes of Paul Tucker walking around a city subway, Tunde laying on a bench in a park during autumn, a girl lying and rolling on the grass while playing with flowers, an abandoned house near Dungeness.

Filmed in North East England and Kent, the video shows some prominent local landmarks: the Tyne Bridge is shown at the very start, and a number of shots of Baiyewu take place on the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge, which is also the backdrop for the single covers.

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