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"Love Generation" is a single by Bob Sinclar with vocals by Gary Pine, a member of Jamaican band The Wailers (formed by Bob Marley). The single was released in 2005 through the Defected label.

This song is the first track to be released from Sinclar's fourth full album, Western Dream. It was a massive hit all over Europe and in Australia, and had one of the longest ever runs in the German Top 10. It was less popular in the United Kingdom, but still reached number 12 there.

This song now also has a version in Hungarian.

The music video is inspired by the music video for "Sweet Lullaby" by Deep Forest. Both videos feature children riding their bicycle across different locations, greeting the local people and sampling the local cultures and atmosphere.

The music video, which appears to have been shot at various locations in the United States, starts with a young boy (played by David Beaudoin, who stars in numerous Bob Sinclar videos) waking up one seemingly ordinary morning. He gets himself ready and goes out on his bike to school. He arrives outside the entrance and pauses, apparently in thought. Then he rides the bike on, past the school, and partakes on a trip to many different and exotic locations all over the USA including New York City and San Francisco. He waves to people he passes, rests occasionally for refreshments and to admire his surroundings, before riding on. The man watering his lawn is Bob Sinclar.

Eventually he ends up back at his home at the time he usually gets back from school. He embraces and chats animatedly to his mother, and she brings him to bed later. He looks thoughtfully at the globe at his bedside table, before rolling over to sleep. Overall the video has a very upbeat story, an adventure in the wild outdoors, and how a boy spreads love all over his nation.

Because the song was used throughout the 2006 FIFA World Cup in the music video appears the animated mascot Goleo VI and Pille

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