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Codo is a 1983 single recorded by DÖF (Deutsch-Österreichisches Feingefühl), (German-Austrian sensitivity), was a 1980s Austrian-German Neue Deutsche Welle pop band.

It consisted of the Austrian comedians Joesi Prokopetz and Manfred O. "Fredi" Tauchen, and the German New Wave music artists Annette Humpe and Inga Humpe. DÖF published only a few Songs, which were a mixture of Standard German and Viennese dialect.

Of it the most well-known are on the 1983 LP "DÖF", which sold over 500 000 copies in the German linguistic region.

The band's singles were "Codo", "Taxi" (both 1983), and "Uh-uh-uh mir bleibt die Luft weg" (1984). After only a few years, the band members went their own ways.

Codo (shortened from "Cosmic Dolm"), which is most remembered for its catchy refrain Und ich düse-düse-düse im Sauseschritt, was a major hit in Europe, becoming number one of the charts in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The song sold over a million copies, staying at number 1 in the charts for five weeks in Germany. A promotional recording was made in Yinglish language, Cojdoj the flying Schissel.

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